About The Germ Defenders

Germ Defenders

Who are the Germ Defenders?

We are so excited to bring our expertise and cutting-edge technology to our clients here in Northeast Florida. Our passion for indoor environmental services have led us to grow our business into the wider spectrum of cleaning and disinfection. We service all of Florida, no business too big or small. Although we started as a family owned and operated business, our family has grown so we can accommodate you and your’s! We are fully licensed and certified, with competitive pricing that you won’t have to jeopordize quality for. 

Who are the Germ Defenders and what do they do ?

We are the Germ Defenders brought to you by viruses, bacteria, and germs!!! We fight the battle of bacteria and viruses by killing germs on contact. Germ Defenders supports in preventing and protecting your business and home so you can keep healthy and safe while you’re working or sleeping.We can treat any size business or home. Whether it is an airport, fleet of vehicles, large or small building offices, school, or home, we have got you covered with right strategy to kill and treat bacteria and viruses.

Effective Disinfection and Sanitation Process

Our cleaning and sanitizing processes are incredibly effective, and many of our clients sign-up for periodic disinfecting drives. We assure you that our cleaning procedure kills 99.9999 percent of harmful bacteria within 60 seconds. And as a bonus, our processes act as an amazing odor neutralizer. Our products are EPA registered and produce no harmful by-products.

Our Commitment

We protect your indoor environment by going above and beyond with our cutting-edge strategy and top-of-the-line testing to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

Our Commitment

We strive to protect your indoor environment by going above and beyond with our top of the line equipment to ensure a safe and healthy occupancy. All our services are lab tested to give you 100% pure confidence in choosing our company for your disinfection and sanitation needs.

A different approach to cleanliness may be just what your business needs to exceed in the new normal of today.


What Makes Us Different

Our process is not just spray and wipe.  We use strategy and kill microns at 2-4 micron level, which sprayers only kil at a 20-30 micron level.  First we test, and to see what contamination levels we are dealing with through a hand-held instrument and sampling device that measures ATP levels on a variety of surfaces, including liquid containers, dispensers, receptacles and automated systems. Then we kill bacteria and viruses with either a 4 log or 6 log fogging process accompanied with a patented blue light led, and then run an air purification system to ensure the best cleanliness.

Sanitizing Frequent Touch Points

Instead of using and reusing rags or wipes to sanitize touchpoints, which may spread bacteria, we employ spraying even underneath the surface to sanitize properly. We identify high-risk zones to address potential areas of concern, including public spaces where frequent hand contact occurs. In those parts, we perform regular touchpoint cleaning to keep germs out.

  • Break rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Mailrooms
  • Other places